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Carta Erig

The Battery-Powered Portable Desktop Rig You’ve Been Wanting for Years The Carta Vape Rig from Focus V Products offers the power and reliability of a desktop vaporizer with true on-the-go...

Carta v2 Atty

When Nothing But The Best Will Do The Carta Vape Atomizer provides you with a high-end heating element compatible with the portable Carta Vape Rig. If you’re in the market...

Carta Everlast Atty

The Newest Atomizer Technology With an upgraded structure and a life time warranty. the Everlast atomizer was built for longevity and heat retention. If you are looking to maximize your...

Carta Atty Repair Kit

Up and Atom...izer The Carta Atomizer Repair Kit by Focus V gives you everything you need to get a faulty atomizer back on track. Presented in a convenient nylon zipper...

Carb Cap Tether

Keep Your Carb Cap Safe! With the Carta carb cap tether you will never need to worry about dropping another carb cap! Make misplaced carb caps a thing of the...

ResRemover Glass Cleaner

The Fountain of Youth for Your Glass Collection All it takes to return your entire glass collection to its former glory is a bit of water and a pouch of...

Video / Phone Consultation

Need help with your Carta? Lets schedule a call to have one of our experts help you get to know your device and trouble shoot any issues you may have!...

Bubble Cap for Carta

The Control Freak of Carb Caps Add even more control to your Carta Portable Vape Rig by having one of these vibrantly colored Bubble Carb Caps at your side. The...

Carta Atty Rebuild Heat Plates

The Carta rebuild heat plates are the perfect accessory for when you are in need of that quick repair! Make sure to pick up your Carta atty repair kit for...

Ceramic Bucket 2pk

Limited Ceramic Bucket 2pk for the Carta Atomizer. These wont last long! Recommended for use with the Everlast Atomizer. 


Focus V Q-Tips Filled with isopropyl-alcohol.  Perfect for on the go clean ups 50 Cotton swabs in every pack. 


Checkout all the great accessories to help upgrade your Carta experience!.

ZC Carta Glass Puck Top

Free Your Artistry The Carta Blank Glass Puck Top for the Carta Vape Rig allows you to push the limits of your artistry, creating the perfect attachment for creating original glass...

ZC Glass Whip Adapter

The ZC Whip adapter is the perfect fit for anyone who wants to bring there main rig back into the mix! Directly connecting to your carta erig via a whip...

ZC Tether + Holder

Dont need the extra length on your tether? Keep it clean with the ZC tether holder! Slide your atomizer into the housing. Then thread down the atomizer with the sleeve...

ZC Travel Kit

The ZC Travel it includes the Stabilizer base with dab tool holder and q-tip pocket. Also included is the ZC Tether housing and Lanyard adapter for on the go!  Carb...
a collection of exclusive carta tops!


Tony Kazy Red Skull Carta Carb Cap

A Custom Red Skull Carb Cap designed by Tony Kazy for the Carta.

Narwhal Carb Cap by Tony Kazy

Tony Kazy NarWhal Carb Cap! Fits all atomizers and the Tony Kazy Glass Tops.

Chicken Head Carb Cap by Tony Kazy

Tony Kazy Chicken Head Carb Cap! Fits all atomizers and the Tony Kazy Glass Tops.

Tony Kazy Berry Carb Cap

A Custom Tony Kazy Carb Cap Design! Featuring Berries on a Vine. These are designed to fit both the Tony Kazy Glass Tops and the standard Carta atomizer top.

Tony Kazy Turtle Carb Cap

Carta Carb Cap by Tony Kazy, Turtle Shell Design. These are designed to fit both the Tony Kazy Glass Tops and the standard Carta atomizer top.

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